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March 2019 - 3rd “Spring Convocation” ~ Theme: Synarchy & Outreach

Once again, held on the west coast of the U.S. with 15 returning members from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Australia with our first new member from Europe. Formal adoption of our “Membership Structures & Protocols” clearly outlining and articulating our collective organizational structure and guidelines including the requirements and benefits of each membership category. Established and formally adopted our Affiliate Members invitation/application process and protocols including the appointment of an Affiliate Members Coordinator. Establishment of a Regional Outreach Coordinator (ROC) for developing greater global outreach, connection and collaboration between independent practitioners. Establishment of the office of Parlimentarian to assist the Core Council & Full Membership with questions of process and protocols. Wisdom Council discussed concepts of global outreach and the conscious co-creation of a fractal synarchy & autonomous nodal network of self-organizing international practitioners. Further discussed effective training programs, protocols and guidelines being currently offered for assisting new practitioners in developing best practices and duty of care. Core Council rotation and election of a new Core Council member by the Full Membership.


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A Recommended Code of Ethics from The Conclave