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Sept. 2019 - 4th “Fall Convocation” ~ Theme: “The Shape of Us”

Our regular bi-annual gathering hosted 12 members including 4 of our most recently inducted Affiliate Members. This convocation included a deeper community dialog and wisdom council clearly recognizing everything we have accomplished to date. How we have organically developed over time and a shared collective visioning process for the sustainable growth of our collective including how we may powerfully choose to impact, nourish and positively influence the growing global 5-MeO/Bufo Community for the future. Adoption of the Conclave’s Internal Operations Manual and “The Body” model outlining and clarifying the overarching structure of the collective with associated responsibilities and available resources. Appointment of our Communications Coordinator, Library Archivist & Cyber-Security Officer. Established our new Outreach and In-reach Working Groups. General discussion and planning of our upcoming Spring 2020 convocation gathering. We also held our regular rotation of Core Council leadership with the unanimous nomination & election of our newest Core Council Member by the Full Membership.


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